How to Prepare Your Home for Guests – A Complete Guide

When you are expecting guests at home, you should create an environment which makes the guests feel welcome and it would help them to enjoy the stay at your home. There are few tips one should keep in mind while preparing for the arrival of your guests and listed below are few of them.

Tips to Ponder

Clean the front porch- The first thing the guests will notice is your porch. You don’t want your guest to first notice the old tires or unused items that are dumped in the porch. Do a complete cleanup and give a good sweeping. First impressions last long.

Pleasant entry space- As the guest enters the house; they don’t want to be greeted with shoes, papers or toys thrown around everywhere.  They should not feel cramped as soon as they enter the house. If you have a table near the entry area, you can keep scented candles. Click here to get more information about the same.

Lighting- Change the bulbs that are not working, you would not want a dark corner in your house.

Sniff test- You need to ensure that your house does not smell bad.  You should take out the trash and clean the litter boxes. Vacuum the carpet and dust the furniture.  Clean the bathroom and kitchen thoroughly.

Prepare the guest bathroom- Keep the guest bathroom clean and tidy. Stack fresh towels, keep an extra roll of toilet paper and the essential toiletries. Also, you can keep a small pot for a plant or flower to give a fresh look to the bathroom.

Prepare the guest room- You should make sure that you have put on clean fresh sheets. Keep extra blankets and pillows in the rooms. Also, you could keep books or current magazines which you would enjoy reading before going to bed.

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Home: Why Sharing Your Location on Social Media is a Bad Thing?

One of the most used mobile applications nowadays is Social Media apps. We all use these applications at least once in a day, often more than that. These applications provide us with an easy way to stay in contact with your friends and family, know about the current trends, and follow inspirational people and works. But if not taken precaution the use of social media can prove to be very dangerous for you and your family. Especially the younger generation who are not aware that their actions can have some very dangerous consequences. If you are one of those who loves sharing your personal information and location details on social media, read this article to understand how bad it is for you.

1) Pictures away from home: Many people love to post their vacation photos and updates on social media tagging the location they are currently in. If your account is not private anyone can see these posts and know that you are not home currently. It can endanger your house and rest of the family who might still be home. You can minimize the risk by posting the photos once you are back home instead of putting live updates.

2)  Photos with details of your house: We often post photos of our beautiful balcony garden or the interior decoration along with the location of your house; this can provide an option for others to explore possible ways to enter your house. Also, it can expose information about who is there in your family. The intruders can guess your routine from the ages of people present in your pictures and find the probable timing when you may not be home.

3) Business and private profiles: It is best to have two profiles on social media platforms, one for business and other for your close friends and family. The business profiles are usually public one as you want to get as many YouTube likes or followers as possible but you never know who might be accessing your profile and for what purposes. So it is best not to put any personal details or pictures on the business profiles.…

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How to Increase Your Credit Limit

People choose credit cards because these are convenient ways to handle the expenses when the monthly income is already dwindling. So the customer would be able to spend any amount of money within the credit limit of the credit card and then repay the money the coming month. Therefore the credit limit is often the deciding factor when people purchase credit card. This is the maximum amount that can be spent on the card. The credit limit offered by a card initially is not the final credit limit. There are many ways in which you can increase the credit limit on your card.

Ask for a credit limit increase

There are several banks that simply help with a credit limit boost when the customer requests for one. It could be done online or over the phone. You might have to furnish your bank account statements and income proof for this process. The list of documents required for credit limit increase differs from one bank to another.

Timely repayments

Keep paying your credit card bills on time. Keeping your credit card unused is not going to be of any use. Instead, work on using it wisely. This would help you fetch credit card points or cash back and rewards in other forms. Avoid exhausting your credit limit every month and spend only as much as you really need. Make sure that you clear the outstanding amount on time. For those who have healthy spending patterns and timely repayment records the banks might easily offer a credit limit increase.

Automatic increase

Periodically based on various factors or to encourage customers to use their credit cards more often banks and credit card providers might voluntarily offer an increase in the credit limit.

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