5 Home Security Tips You Never Thought Of

Home is a sanctuary. It is the place where one makes fond memories and spends their evenings relaxing after the busy day. Home is the safe place where one feels at ease. However, if your house is under-protected and you recently experienced a burglary then it would compromise the feel of security at home. Below mentioned are few changes one should take up to increase the security level at home.

Never let anyone know that you would not be home- Whenever you plan to go for the vacation, you should never announce that beforehand. As a society people love to share. Putting up in social media that you reached the airport and posting your excitement about the travel will only alert the thieves that the house is going to be empty.  Do all the updates when you are back from the trip.

Install home alarm system –  An alarm system will help in alerting the police quickly if there is an attempt to break-in. However, one should never forget to switch on the alarm when you step out. Also, you could even check out CCTV installation Glasgow so that you could keep a check on all parts of the house.

Secure the sliding glass doors- Sliding doors usually come with a flimsy lock. You need to ensure to install the security bar for the doors so that it would be quite hard to open.

Take necessary precautions to protect the windows- Always its best if you could get shatterproof windows for the house as it would prevent the thieves from breaking the window to enter the house.

Always lock the windows and doors- Whenever you are not at home or whenever you go to sleep, keep the windows locked securely. The same applies to doors. Do a complete checking of the doors to ensure that it’s locked when you step out.