The Best Guide: How To Fix Leaking Basement Walls

A basement wall that is wet smells nasty and it could damage your home. The leaking basement could ruin the floors and it encourages mold.

Here is how you can fix the leaking basement walls. The product question will be answered here in detail.

Add extensions for the gutter

You can guide the water away by adding the gutter extensions. These come in metal and plastic. You could also put in an underground drain that will be invisible and will save you from tripping over.

Close the gaps

Take care to plug the gaps where you see the water is dribbling. The plugs work fine in areas through where the water oozes out.

Check the crown

If you still notice that the wall is dribbling then this means that the surface water is not getting drained out. You should find out the crown that the house is sitting on. When the foundation settles then you can build it back.

Repair the drains that are footing

If you see that the water is leaking from the place where the wall meets the floor then this is because of the hydrostatic pressure that is causing the water to push up from the ground. You could flush the pipes using a garden hose.

Curtain drainworks fine

If there are no footing drains then you could install a curtain drain which helps to divert the water that is traveling under the ground and towards your house.

Pump out the water

If the subsurface water cannot be kept out then channel the water from the inside. First, make a channel around the perimeter of the floor and then chip out the concrete.
After this, you will have to lay a pipe that is perforated in the hole. This pipe will help to drain out the water to a collection tank.

Use these tips to fix the leaking basement wall.

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