The Ultimate Guide: How to Prepare Your Home for Guests

Who doesn’t love having people over?

I for one love when people take all the trouble to make it to your place and then the love and the camaraderie and the socializing and the gossip, ooh but one thing that I don’t like about it is that I have to spend way too much time in preparing myself and the home for them.  Now, if only I had the aptitude to do everything at one go or a cheat sheet that would help me break down the tasks so that the most important tasks could be prioritized and then the little ones could be done later or delegated to someone or even left undone if it did not worry the guests too much.

Looks like my prayers were answered because yesterday I received a mail newsletter from phrase match listing things that I need to check on my list if I am ever going to hoist. And it promises me that this is going to be like a cakewalk. Well, what are we waiting for then?

  1. Say it with flowers!

Nothing says welcome better than fresh flowers. Bouquets across the living room placed strategically for instance in front of the mirror or on the glass table can lift up a room and send a message to the guests that you have put an extra effort for them. Ready-made bouquets can be got from the grocer or buds picked up from your green patch if you have one.

  1. Decorate your table with self-serving snack trays:

Guests perhaps are never too comfortable asking for food when they drop in. leaving casual snacks on the table will send them the message that they can help themselves and most often than not they are weary and hungry after some traveling. You bet they will thank you for being so thoughtful!

  1. Extra blankets, please!

Don’t forget to put in a few extra blankets in the living and the guest rooms. You don’t want them to keep asking you for them now and again and make them feel awkward too.

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