When To Use Booster Car Seat?

It is not recommended to move your child to a booster car seat if they are not eligible to travel in it. As you advance from an infant seat to different car seats there is certainly a reduction in the safety level of your child. It is recommended that you put your child in each stage as long as possible. Your child is typically ready for the booster seat when they outgrow the weight and height limits of forward facing harness that is between 40 and 65 pounds. Learn the weight and height limits of your child when using the forward facing harness and if possible keep him in the harnessed seat as long as possible.

Children using the forward facing harness are not yet ready to use the safety belts meant for adults. They should be using belt positioning booster seats until they between 8 and 12 years of age and at least 4 ft and 9 inches tall. Adult safety belts are generally designed for male adults weighing 165 pounds. Research claims that adult belts that do not offer proper fitting can injure children while traveling. Have a look at https://easymomsguide.com/ to learn about child car safety tips.

Prior to installation ensure that you read the car seat installation manual and follow the instructions thoroughly. Also go through the vehicle’s owner manual and safety instructions for child seat before the installation. When using the lap or shoulder belt, belt positioning boosters have to be used. A lap belt alone does not offer protection to the upper body of your child. In most of the vehicles that are provided with lap belts only, shoulder belt retrofits can be done. To know more about it you can contact your dealer.

If your child is feeling embarrassed about using the booster seat in front of his peers, teach him the importance of car seat safety. Give him a sort of feeling that the booster seats are cool and is almost like a race car driver seat.